Cloud One PBX VoIP Service Allows You to Focus on What Matters Most: Managing Your Business

Don’t let the endless requirements and ongoing daily management that some companies call for with their Hosted VoIP PBX hamper your success!

If you’ve been thinking about improving your business by adding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Cloud One PBX is the best choice for you. There are a number of ways companies get the VoIP service to customers, and self-installation is one. Though it’s an option, self-installation is almost guaranteed to hinder your business’s success if you go about it the traditional route.

Unless you have a team of people dedicated to completing the self-installation steps, or a few individuals dedicated to keeping up with the daily maintenance, then trying to do these things with your current business’s staffing will slow you down, pulling your attention away from where it belongs: with your customers. Some companies have well over 100 steps in their self-installation setup guide, and even though each step gets you closer to your goal, there is a far more efficient way to get there.

At Cloud One PBX, we understand that slow companies eventually stop moving, and when a company stops moving it eventually begins to die. Don’t let that happen to your business!

Picking Cloud One PBX solves all of these problems at an affordable cost.

  • We provide our service without an onsite PBX.
  • We’ll take care of all the hardware so you can focus on your customers.
  • We provide certified IP phones (Yealink, Grandstream), state-of-the-art IP features and data centers, and we provide the best software and upgrades.
  • We also offer unlimited long distance and local calls. No hidden or additional fees from us; moreover, we do not limit the number of incoming calls to your system.
  • Your customers never get the busy signal with us, so as long as you have people to talk to them customers will keep calling.

Because we’re all about convenience and efficiency, Cloud One PBX also gives our clients the ability to answer phone calls from virtually any internet-connected device. Have to take a business trip that will keep you away from the office for a few days? No problem. With us you would be able to communicate with your customers from your laptop, Smartphone, tablet or desktop. This way your clients can always reach you, enabling you to establish a strong connection with them.  Not having access to your customers is one thing, but some companies limit the number of locations you can receive service as well. If you have multiple business locations, you need your VoIP service to reach these locations. With us you can support multiple locations and even remote workers.

Isn’t it time you claimed your voice in the cloud?

  • Is your current communications system due for an upgrade?
  • Do you hate installing or maintaining hardware you aren’t experienced with?
  • Do you truly care about your customers?
  • Is your time important to you?
  • Does your current staffing need to focus on their current tasks, and not on things they aren’t experienced with?
  • Are you hoping to streamline your communications network and services?
  • Would you rather have experienced professionals take care of the IT-related issues at your business?

The problem with a lot of VoIP-offering companies is that they don’t fully understand the needs of their clients. They provide the VoIP service, neglecting to remember the people they are providing it for.

At Cloud One PBX we know our customers value their time as much as we value their time, and our primary mission is to make your business more efficient. Efficient companies are able to change and move forward, and this progress is necessary for any business in today’s marketplace. With this in mind, self-installing and maintaining your hosted VoIP PBX can be time consuming.

On top of that, the hardware involved with a VoIP can be extremely confusing. Sometimes companies are outdated and don’t have the latest technologies.

Even worse, they tend to limit the amount of local and long distance calls your company can make, charging you extra if you accidentally go over their limits. This leads to unpredictable prices that can add up and suck the life from your business. Similar to that, companies tend to put a limit on the number of calls on a system, but what happens if more customers call?

The customers that call when the current number of system calls is full receive the busy tone. There’s little that annoys a customer more than not getting through to the right person, and getting the dial tone is a sure-fire way for them to get angry.

Things you can look forward to with Tel-One:

  • Predictable Cost so you can budget appropriately
  • Over 25 years of experience to help you with any problems or questions
    • Sales engineer involved with every order to best meet your company’s requirements
    • Knowledgeable customer support team to answer any questions
    • On-site deployment by Cloud One PBX staff to solve any problems
  • Service catered to your needs and the needs of your business
  • Ability to add phones or adjust features at times convenient to you
  • End-to-end deployment and solution management

Pick Cloud One PBX if you’re looking for a convenient, cost effective, and streamlined way to add VoIP communications systems to your business. All of our features are convenient and offered through an internet connection.

We have over 20 years in the telecommunication industry, and our history speaks volumes for us. We utilize our experience with every customer, proving to you why we’ll be around for another 20 years. We are a fully managed VoIP Cloud One PBX service from installation support to maintenance. Though we specialize in small- to medium-sized businesses, we work with business of all sizes. Call us today to start your detailed pre-installation information gathering by one of our sales engineers.

We’ve shown you how we’re the best. All you have to do now is select Cloud One PBX as your hosted VoIP service today and find out how we help get your voice in the cloud.

Call 800-249-1989 today to find out more and schedule your appointment.