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We have fully redundant data centers. Backed by a natural gas generator and multiple Tier 1 fiber providers, we have your Cloud One PBX completely backed up in private Cloud

Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling

Enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling to the US and Canada. With Cloud One PBX , your callers will never receive a busy signal! Cloud One PBX provides you the ability to scale up or down depending on your business growth.

Remote Branch & Satellite Locations

Our Multi -Location  solutions allow  devices  to register  to the  PBX from  any vicinity; company headquarters, satellite  offices,  home or on the  road, domestic or abroad. Extension  to extension  dialing  works nationally as well as internationally  without  incurring  toll  charges

Audio Conferencing

This allows for multiple parties to be bridged together on to a single call (can be optionally secured with a PIN number). Our Interactive Conferencing Controls  provides you the ability to see the list of callers in the Conference.You can transfer active calls to a Conference  Center, see who is talking,kick,mute,unmute,deaf un-deaf,any participant on the call as well as deny entry to those who are late dialing in,as to not disrupt the meeting

Mobile Phone Integration

Any SIP Enabled App can be downloaded and interconnected  with our Hosted  PBX for Multi-Device Management.You can seamlessly move from your Android or iPhone to your desk phone,and vice versa,for complete integrated calling

Time Routing Day-Night Modes

This feature allows you to program different "Time  Patterns"  and/or locations for call handling, by directing calls to different extensions,Ring Groups or IVR's;by time of day, day of week, week  of month  or holidays

Virtual Receptionist Option

This feature   is perfect  for  small companies   who  want  to give  a  big appearance.You can setup a scripted recording for  the  Virtual Receptionist/Auto Attendant to play and IVR capabilities are not required.A Virtual Receptionist can also provide companies   who  do have IVR's, the flexibility  to  have your receptionist send the next incoming call to the Virtual Receptionist for  processing if they are currently on the phone or away from their desk.

Call Pickup

Allows someone to answer another call that is coming in, even if that  call is directed to another extension.

Click 2 Dial

This plugin allows you to seamlessly dial any outbound number from your Outlook or any web driven business tool,such as a CRM system to initiate a call.

Overhead Paging

This feature  acts as a PA system for a single phone,select group of phones or overhead  speaker system for broadcast.

Outbound Conference Bridge Dialing

Rather than  emailing  a  dial-up number and PIN, enter as many  10 digit  phone numbers or 3-4 digit extension numbers you want  on your call and have them placed directly into conference.


Cloud  One PBX supports  multiple languages,including English, Spanish,French,Portuguese,Polish,Ukraine and Swedish.New languages are constantly being added.

Call Parking

This feature  is equipped to both park and un-park calls in the  same Parking  Lot or in a  virtual   location  and have the call retrieved   by another extension. This feature  can help with routing  incoming  calls.

Caller ID Screening

When a  call comes  in, you will see both the  calling  party's  name (when  available)  and incoming  number on your  display.

Emergency Assistance (E911)

For 911 calls, we have what  is known  as "E -911 ", or Enhanced 911. We pre-provision   your  information   with the closest  Public Safety  Answering Point when you sign up for service. Should you ever have to dial 911,  all of your  information   will  be on file with them.

Three-Way Calling

Allows you to talk with 2 people at the same time.

Successive or Simultaneous Ringing

All extensions, including ring groups,can be configured to ring in succession or simultaneously

Call Detail Records ("CDRs")

Our system  comes with  various reporting  capabilities  to allow you to track  usage and history  by each extension. CDRs can be exported  into a spreadsheet.

On Demand Call Recordings

Any phone call can be recorded, either  pre-scheduled  or midway  through the conversation. These tools  allow you to share recordings  for Training  and Quality  purposes.   Please review  our Terms of Service  prior to using.

User Profiles

Through  the Web Portal,employees  can be set up to have different degrees  of access, allowing them  different functionality in the system  to configure  their  own business.

Voice Mail To Email

Messages can be sent directly  to your  inbox  via a .WAV file.   We can also save messages  on our servers which  can be accessed through  our Web Portal. Voice mail  messages  can be pre-programmed to deposit in one location; i.e. your  cell phone for complete  mobility.

Multi-Level IVR

IVR "Interactive  Voice  Recording" is a type of Auto-Attendant technology that  allows your customer to interact with your company via a pathway through their keypad.You can program a prerecorded greeting that provides  an internal roadmap to your company's employees and departments. For example,press 1 for sales,2 for finance,3 for customer service, or simply dial by extension or name.   This option  is virtually limitless letting you create as many Auto or Sub Attendants as you need.

Branded Conferencing

This feature allows for you to customize conference rooms to serve the needs of your business.You can personalize your conference  greeting with every conference call.

Smart Tablet Compatible

Cloud One PBX can deliver  your extension  to any smart  tablet so long as it has a microphone.

Call Flows

This feature  is in essence an "on/off" switch  located  directly on the phone,  letting  you toggle  between Day/Night modes. This feature  allows for manual overrides to what's programmed in the PBX for "on  the fly" call - routing; i.e.  if you step out to lunch.

Dial by Name Directory

Both internal and external directory dial capabilities allow you to search by first or last name.

Call Intercept

You can "intercept"  and pick up a call ringing on someone else's desk, when or if they have stepped  away

Virtual Extensions

The PBX is hosted in our cloud so businesses with road warriors or employees who work remotely can have a business extension on their cell phone or home phone.

Analog Telephone Adapters

An ATA turns a standard analog phone, such as a home phone,into a VOIP device, allowing you to make calls over the  internet.

Presence Notification

Using Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys on your phone, you can see the status  of extensions on your system that are in use, you can park  and un-park calls,or use BLFs with Call Flows for  day/night  modes.

Block Caller ID (*67)

If anonymity is important when making  a  call,  *67  will  block your Caller ID just  like your  home  phone or current  office  lines that  are analog  or non - VoIP based.

CaII Transfer

Calls can be transferred,  internally or externally and with or without a prior announcement.

Call Whisper

This feature  allows an authorized user to enter  or "barge"  into a  call in progress  and speak to either  party  on that  call without  the other  side hearing them. They can even enter  the call and speak with  both sides, if needed. This can also be used when the "barging  in" party  has an audible  need to reach someone  on a  call in progress  or monitor  a  call.

Free Extension to Extension Dialing

Anyone in your company, whether they sit domestic or international, are on -site or on the  road, can dial extension  to extension  without  incurring toll  charges or using up minutes  on a  plan.

Set Caller ID

You can set your Caller ID on a per extension  level or company wide.

Voice Mail

Voice mailboxes  can be set up for an employee or a department. Each can play their  own recording  and can store up to  100 messages at a time.

Call Logs by Extension

Our reporting  tools  give you a complete  detail  and history  of activity by extension.  This can help you determine   hiring  needs and work  flow of your  employees.   You can run reports  by date  range, time  range,and/or  users.   All reports  can be either printed  or saved as a CSV or Excel file

Call Monitoring

You can view which  extensions are available,  who is currently on a  call and for how long from  the "Active Extensions"  Dashboard.

Dashboard Settings

For quick access and information about  each employee,  such as Username,  Extensions  and Voicemail messages,  as welI as tools for modifications to their  profiles; i.e. Call Forward, Follow Me and Do Not Disturb.

Find-Me /Follow- Me

This feature  allows  you to direct calls to single or multiple phone numbers, i.e. cell phone or home phone,so you can answer  your extension wherever you are. This feature can be set to ring all your numbers simultaneously or in succession.

Multi-Company Profiles

For those  that  operate  multiple companies under the same roof, our Hosted  PBX allows  you to set up each company under  the same domain.Our Phone Line Identifier logic allows you to see what specific phone number, along with  the  Company  Name, your  customer is dialing in on, i.e. #ABC Financial  will  scroll  across your phone's display.You can also set up unique pathways  to allow for multiple IVR's letting you manage all of your businesses though just one phone system

Unlimited Scalability

With your Hosted PBX, we don't  share your resources with others; each of our customers is on their own designated domain.We also don't make you reserve blocks of extensions in advance so you can keep to the same numbering sequence as you build your business.

Soft Phone Capabilities

A "soft  phone"  is a  phone that runs off your computer or a client on your mobile device,allowing you to make and receive calls. We can turn your computer into a web based phone giving  you the same features  as any other  extension.

Ring Groups

This feature is used to create a single extension number that can ring multiple extensions simultaneously or in succession

Customize Music on Hold

You can play recorded  music to fill the  silence while your caller is on hold.These can be uploaded  via a WAV or MP3 file and can include a business,marketing or sales message.Music on Hold can be customized per extension or company wide

Call Blocking

This feature can block specific inbound phone numbers by the Caller ID.

Intercom Calling

This feature allows you to converse two-way via your desk phone's speaker or route to an overhead speaker system for company broadcast.If you set up your cell phone as an extension, you can intercom to any desk phone on your system.

Group Message Broadcast

Send an audio message to as many 10 digit phone numbers or 3-4 digit extension numbers as you  like.This feature is perfect for weather alerts,promotional recordings,or office closings.

Voice Transcription Services

This feature will transcribe your voice mails and automatically send to you the message as a  text.

Last Call Return (*69)

If you missed your  last call, *69 will  retrieve  it for you, just  like your home phone or current  office  lines that are analog or non - VoIP based

Call Forward

Allows  you to automatically forward  your  calls to another extension or phone  number,  so you  never  miss a call.

Call Waiting

When you're  on the  phone,  a tone  will  play to alert  you that  you have another incoming  call.

Do Not Disturb

Allows you to silence calls and have them  go directly  to voice mail.

Seven Digit Dialing

In areas where  10 digit  dialing is either  permissible  or required, you can prepend  your  area code and it will  be automatically inserted  when  placing outgoing  calls.

Operator Panel

Here you can view all extensions and user activity  in real time.  You can instantly see who is on available  to take a  call, on a  call as well as how long a call has been up and to what  number the caller is connected  to.

Dialing Restrictions

This feature  allows you to block or restrict  outbound  calling  destination,i.e. international, Directory  Assistance,900 numbers,  or any other  area that would  include  a  toll  charge. Cloud One PBX also offers  PIN Numbers  that  can be entered prior to dialing  international destinations.


This feature  gives you the ability to listen  in on a  call in progress  with the option  to barge in on the call. Please review  our Terms of Service prior to using.

Admin Features

Our Admin  Features allows  you to set up different  levels  of access, granting permissions to some of your  employees to administer feature settings within your company. This allows  you to have total  control of your  PBX, while  being able to delegate certain  responsibilities to other members of your team.

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